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Advantage of Tilting Vacuum Meat Tumbler

As an advanced food processing equipment, vacuum meat tumbler plays an important role in food processing. Its main function is to fully mix the ingredients with seasonings and marinate them under a vacuum. The pickling under vacuum has unique characteristics, which enables the ingredients to achieve a more uniform and thorough flavoring effect in a short period of time.
Vacuum meat tumbler features: The vacuum tumbler creates a low-pressure environment by reducing the environmental pressure, which expands the pores inside the ingredients. In such an environment, it is easier for the seasoning to penetrate into the tissue of the ingredients, making the marinating effect more uniform and thorough. At the same time, since the oxygen is reduced, the color, texture, and nutrition of the ingredients are easier to maintain, extending the shelf life of the food.

Vacuum meat tumblers can be divided into different main types according to their shape and structure:

Horizontal vacuum meat tumbling machine: The drum of the horizontal tumbling machine is parallel to the horizontal ground, and the ingredients roll in the drum to realize the mixing of seasonings and ingredients. It is suitable for many different types of food processing needs and is a highly versatile device.

Tiltable vacuum meat tumbler: The tiltable vacuum meat tumbler introduces a tilted design based on the horizontal tumbler, which allows the drum to tilt within a certain angle, bringing more advantages.

Advantages of tiltable vacuum meat tumbler:

Time-saving feeding and discharging: The design of the tiltable vacuum meat tumbler makes feeding and discharging faster and more convenient, reducing operating time and improving production efficiency. At the same time, the thoroughness of the discharge is guaranteed.

Multi-angle tumbling and marinating: The multi-angle tumbling and marinating function of the equipment enables the ingredients to be tumbling and marinating at different angles, and the seasoning can penetrate into the ingredients more evenly, improving the yield and quality of the product, suitable for different kinds of food.

Increase capacity and save space: Compared with horizontal tumbling machines, tilting tumbling machines have greater production capacity under the same equipment model, which can process more ingredients in a limited space and save space in food factories.

ModelVolume (L)Product Output
speed (rpm/min)Power(KW)Machine Size
NGR-6047L15-20kg3~15 rpm adjustable 0.85kw1043*820*1019mm
NGR-200175L50-60kg3~15 rpm adjustable 1.55kw1265*620*1105mm
NGR-400375L80-100kg3~15 rpm adjustable 3 kW1560*1200*1800mm
YGR-12001200L700-800kg3~10 rpm adjustable 7.5kw2600*1400*1660mm
YGR-17001700Labout 1000kg3~10 rpm adjustable 7.55kw2700*1670*1885mm
YGR-27002700Labout 1500kg3~10 rpm adjustable 8.35kw3000*1800*2120mm
YGR-36003600Labout 2000kg3~10 rpm adjustable 16.5kw3900*1950*2140mm
YGR-43004300Labout 2500kg3~10 rpm adjustable 18.5kw3860×2050×2460mm
Hydraulic Vacuum tumbler Model with different Output

Equipped with a small feeding cart and feeding system: The equipment can be equipped with a small feeding cart and feeding system to make the production more automatic, reducing manpower input and production time.

The equipment is hygienic and convenient: the tiltable design of the equipment reduces the difficulty of cleaning, and the equipment can be cleaned more easily and thoroughly, which helps to maintain the hygienic standard of the food processing environment, prevents cross-contamination between different batches of food, and ensures the production The food meets the hygienic and food safety requirements.

On the whole, the tiltable vacuum meat tumbler combines the advantages of the tumbler with the characteristics of vacuum pickling, bringing a more efficient, uniform, and versatile solution to the food processing industry. This innovative technology not only improves the quality and taste of food but also improves production efficiency, driving the entire food processing industry forward.

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