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Selina Cheng

14 years’ experience in food machinery and professional experience.
Vice President of the Shandong Food Machinery.

Application of seafood in blanching machine(steam cooker)

Fresh seafood will become delicious food after being processed immediately, and it is also an important way for people to absorb iodine. Living by the sea has very good convenience and can enjoy these foods at any time. However, it is really inconvenient for some people in cities who live a little distance away, so some seafood processing enterprises have emerged. Seafood processing is mainly divided into dried seafood products, frozen seafood, and seafood snack. A blanching machine (steam cooker)is an essential machine for drying seafood. After the seafood is heat-treated by the blanching machine, it can remove some other flavors of the seafood and retain the delicious taste of the seafood, thus having the effect of shaping and protecting the color.

Let’s take the little squid as an example.

As we all know, the taste of fresh squid after being cleaned and fried is extremely delicious, and fresh squid is inconvenient to transport.

In order to present more delicious seafood like small squid on people’s tables, the company conducts deep processing of dry products on small squid. blanching machine (steam cooker) for heat treatment. The blanching machine (steam cooker)can play a role in locking freshness and shaping seafood products such as squid. Finally, the drying machine removes the moisture of the squid, and finally enters the packaging process, so that it can be stored for a long time and conveniently transported.

People buy dried squid and other seafood products in the market, soak the seafood products such as squid with water, and then add other side dishes or ingredients so that the delicious food of dried squid can be delivered to the people on the table again.

At the same time, the blanched (steam cooker)seafood products can also be made into instant seafood snacks to travel in people’s daily production. This product is also very popular with younger customers. The market prospect is very good。

Features of the blanching machine(steam cooker):
(1) It can be conveyed by chain plate belt, stable conveying, long service life, and can work continuously
(2) The blanching temperature and time of the blanching machine can be set according to different materials to meet the blanching use of various materials
(3) The blanching machine can work continuously, and a cooling machine can be configured behind the blanching to complete the assembly line operation
(4) The blanching machine is equipped with an insulation layer, which can play a role in heat preservation and reduce heat loss
(5) Equipped with a temperature control device, it can detect the temperature in real time, and add steam at any time to achieve a constant blanching temperature.

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