Selina Cheng

Selina Cheng

14 years’ experience in food machinery and professional experience.
Vice President of the Shandong Food Machinery.

Discover Vacuum Marinator Technology: How to Improve Food Quality with Vacuum Function OF Meat marinade machine

Vacuum Marinator technology has become an important tool in the field of modern food processing and preservation. Its core function – vacuum function, not only extends the shelf life of food but also improves the quality of food. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at vacuum marinating technology and how it improves food quality through its vacuum functionality.

The reasons why marinating meat in a vacuum state has better effects mainly involve the following aspects:

Enhanced permeability: In a vacuum environment, the pressure is lower, which expands the gaps inside the food. This makes it easier for the seasonings in the marinade to penetrate into the tissue structure of the meat, making the marinade more even and thorough.

Rapid penetration: Under vacuum, due to the lower pressure, seasonings can penetrate into the meat faster. Compared with traditional marinating methods, vacuum marinating can make the ingredients taste more quickly.

Preserve texture: Traditional marinating methods can cause the surface of meat to become soft due to prolonged soaking. In a vacuum, marinating happens faster, so the texture of the ingredients is more likely to be preserved, making the meat chewier.

Retaining color and nutrients: In a vacuum environment, the color and nutrients of ingredients are easier to maintain, because the vacuum state reduces the contact with oxygen, reducing the possibility of oxidation and nutrient loss.

Improve efficiency: Vacuum pickling usually requires a shorter time, which can greatly improve production efficiency compared to traditional pickling methods.

Antibacterial and extended shelf life: In a vacuum state, since oxygen is effectively isolated, the growth conditions of bacteria and microorganisms are restricted. This can effectively slow down the rate of bacterial reproduction, thereby extending the shelf life of food. Therefore, through vacuum curing, food can stay fresher and safer for longer while reducing the potential for food spoilage.

In general, vacuum Marinator takes advantage of the principle that seasonings can better penetrate ingredients in a low-pressure environment, thereby making the food pickling effect more significant. This method is widely used in food processing, especially when shorter marinating times, better flavor effects, and the original texture of the ingredients are required.

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