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What are fruit and vegetable blanching machines and how to choose a suitable blanching machine

The blanching machine is an ideal piece of equipment for blanching treatment that is often required in the color protection process of fruit and vegetable processing, thereby inhibiting the activity of enzymes in fruits and vegetables, so as to maintain the unique fresh color of fruits and vegetables, improving the softness of cells, and facilitate water evaporation. It lays a good foundation for the technical requirements of the first drying and dehydration process, and it is also used for cooking and molding seafood and other products.

There are three types of blanching machines: belt-type blanching machines, belt-type superheated steam blanching machines, and drum-type blanching machines.

Wide application of blanching machine:

1. Vegetable blanching and cooking operations: beans, edamame, okra, spinach, rape, cabbage, celery, blanching and color fixing of potato chips and chips, and finishing of various vegetables, etc.
2. Wild vegetables are blanched and steamed cooker :
Thorny buds, Artemisia annua buds, shepherd’s purse, mother-in-law, thorns, bracken, etc.
3. Edible mushroom cooking operation:
Shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, slider mushrooms, Stropharia, gallium fir, Hericium erinaceus, red mushrooms, fungus, white fungus, etc.
4. Seafood cooking operations: sea cucumbers, fish, kelp, crayfish, prawns, seaweed, squid, scallops, oysters, clams, etc.
5. Cooking operations of agricultural products: corn, peanuts, chestnuts, soybeans, etc.
6.Chinese herbal medicine cooking operation: gastrodia elata, Rehmannia glutinosa, etc.
7. Cooking and blanching of meat products: blanching of chicken feet before peeling, cooking of meatballs, fish balls, eggs, quail eggs, zongzi, etc.

Advantages of blanching machine

Advantages of blanching machine
01 stainless steel body
The whole machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. The conveyor belt can be made of stainless steel chain net, stainless steel chain plate, etc. according to requirements. The machine runs smoothly, has low noise, has small scalability, is not easy to deform, and is easy to maintain.

02 Frequency conversion speed regulation
The water temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature controller and can be set at will. The heat source can be steam heating, electric heating, etc., and the speed is regulated by frequency conversion. The double-layer insulation material is the most advanced food blanching equipment at home and abroad.
03 Convenient and efficient
Feeding, moistening, cooking, discharging, and other processes can be operated continuously without interruption. It has the advantages of low labor intensity, high efficiency, easy operation, labor saving, and labor-saving.

04Widely applicable
This equipment is also suitable for the brine and ripening of poultry eggs, meat, fish, shells, etc., as well as sterilization of canned pickles, fruits, fungi, etc.

05 Automation
The equipment has a compact structure and a high degree of automation and is suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.

061 Cost reduction:
Short payback time and high productivity
It can replace a large number of manual operations, reduce labor costs for enterprises, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

07 Continuous operation:
It can realize standardized and continuous operation, and improve the processing strength and overall image of the enterprise.

08 Device with lifting device “
The equipment can be cleaned and sanitized without dead ends, ensuring that the produced products are more hygienic and safe, and meet international food hygiene requirements.

Working principle of blanching machine

Steam cooking and blanching equipment use steam as the heat source. The material is conveyed to the cooking area through the front conveyor belt. There is a steam pipe at the bottom of the cooking tank, and a steam outlet is provided on the pipe. After the steam is introduced, the steam can be evenly dispersed in the steam tank, so that the temperature in the tank is uniform and there is no dead angle.

The front and rear sections of the equipment are equipped with temperature controllers to ensure that the temperature of the two sections before and after the equipment is consistent. The equipment is covered with an exhaust gas outlet, through which excess exhaust gas is discharged. The material advances at a constant speed in the cooking tank through the conveyor belt and the running speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted according to the cooking time. The equipment is equipped with upper and lower mesh belts to ensure that all the materials are boiled in the stewed tank. The heating temperature can be adjusted from 0-100°C according to the product needs.

The whole set of the blanching machine includes the material’s automatic turning device, automatic temperature control device, overflow device, heating device, cleaning device, hot water storage device, etc.; after the material is boiled (boiled water), the odor of the material can be removed and the internal structure of the material can be tightened, so that the fragrance of the material is not easy to lose.

how to choose a leafy vegetable blanching machine?

Leafy vegetables are light or the specific gravity of other products is less than easy to float in water. When choosing a blanching machine, you should choose a blanching machine with a floating pressure device. The floating pressure device has two types: a floating pressure belt and a dial.

A blanching machine is an indispensable machine for food processing equipment, so the machine can be cleaned without dead ends, and the details of the equipment including the welding of the pipeline are handled well. This ensures that the products produced are safer.

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