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How to Choose Industry Vegetable and Fruit Washer Machine

First, we need to know if your vegetable belongs to Roots Vegetable or Leaf Vegetable .because this two kind of Vegetable use different Vegetable and Fruit cleaning machines will have a good effect.

  For Leaf Vegetable and Fruit we mostly use the Bubble Washer Machine with High Spray, The air bubbles can fully turn the vegetables and fruit in the water, At the same time, it can also decompose the pesticide residues and dirt on the surface of fruits and vegetables. the Bubble Washer Machine with High Spray picture as follows:

Air Bubble washer machine with water spray
leaf vegetable washer machine-Baiyu

And the high-pressure water can wash away the materials floating on the water’s surface. The air bubble washing machine can be equipped with an ozone device according to your needs and can be sterilized during cleaning.

The surface of Roots vegetables is uneven, and brushes with different lengths are needed for scrubbing, and then enter the air bubble cleaning machine, then use a brush and bubble cleaning machine as to achieve the cleaning effect.

The root vegetables are carried forward by the brush, and the vegetables are roughly cleaned by the brush and spray water, and then enter the air bubbles to clean again, and the vegetables will be completely cleaned.

industrial vegetable washing machine for the roots vegetable and fruit
Brush &bubble washer machine –Baiyu

  If the chopped vegetables need to be cleaned, we will use a vortex cleaner. The working principle of the vortex cleaner is to use the vortex and air bubbles generated by the equipment to clean the product softly without harming the material. Use the clean water to form a vortex, so that the material is washed in the clean water of the vortex. When the material is cleaned, it makes a spiral motion together with the clean water in the cleaning tank. After cleaning, the material is pushed forward to the vibrating conveying mechanism by the action of hydrodynamic force and then sent out of the washing machine. The main part is mainly cleaned by eddy current and air bubbles. The cleaning cylinder swirls to buffer the vegetables, without chain and belt transmission, to ensure a longer effective cleaning time, a larger cleaning space, and no hygienic dead ends; the vibration part adopts high-frequency vibration transmission, High-frequency micro-vibration motor, imported high-frequency flexible spring, imported vibration arm, high vibration frequency, and stable vibration; the box has automatic water replenishment and no-water power-off functions, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the machine.

vagetable washer machine

The vortex cleaner machine is suitable for large-scale continuous cleaning of vegetables and fruits after cutting so that the cut fruits and vegetables can be better entered into the next process. Such as salad production lines and so on.

We will match different cleaning machines for different vegetables and fruits according to your needs, and choose the appropriate conveyor belt according to your vegetables and fruits. If you need an industrial fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, please contact Baiyu – Top Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Machine manufacturer

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