Vegetable Washing Machine

industrial vegetable washing machine
industrial vegetable washing machine
industrial vegetable washing machine
vegetable washing machine

Vegetable Washing Machine

Vegetable Washing Machine   to remove  vegetable  surface contamination, microorganisms, and pesticide residues. Before washing, the number of microorganisms on the surface of vegetables ranges from 104 to 108 g. Some leafy and root vegetables have higher microbial counts due to soil adherence. With the correct washing process, the microbial count is reduced to around 2. 5% to 5% of the initial count. The effect of vegetable washing depends on the washing time, the washing temperature, the way the mechanical forces are applied and the pH, hardness, and mineral content of the washing liquid. In addition to the mechanical action of vegetables, the addition of surface-active substances or cleaning agents can also greatly improve the cleaning effect.


Key Specification


1. The equipment is equipped with a circulating water pump and a filter water tank to realize the recycling of cleaning water, save water, and replace with new water according to the actual production situation;
2 .Conveyor belt motor, which can realize the function of adjusting the speed change;
3.The cleaned materials are transported through the network chain, automatically fed and discharged;
4.Easy to operate and maintain, and high work efficiency.


Model Product Capacity (KG/H)Power(KW)Mesh belt widthDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized


Eddy Current Washing Machine

The product is made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable, and the equipment raw materials will not be damaged, so as to achieve the effects of high cleaning, labor saving, water saving, stable equipment and reliable performance. The cleanliness of the cleaned objects is more than three times higher than that of the conventional manual washing method. This machine uses high-pressure water flow and bubble generation device to impact the surface of the object to be cleaned. The energy generated by the bubble burst when it comes in contact with the object will have an impact and scrubbing effect on the surface of the object to be cleaned. When scrubbing the surface of the object to be cleaned, it will be cleaned. The objects are cleaned.

vegetable washing machine

Equipped with a brush, can effectively remove the hair from the article. The high-pressure water flow makes the material in a tumbling state, removing the pesticide residue on the surface of the product. The floating objects in the vegetable washing machine can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment is discharged from the mouth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
The bubble shock wave principle can clean the surface of vegetables and fruits, improve work efficiency by more than 50%, effectively kill harmful bacteria, and decompose residual pesticides; this machine is equipped with a cutting board to effectively isolate the cleaned object from the washed sediment Open, reduce the turbidity of the water, greatly improve the recycling rate of washing water, can save 80% of the washing water, save manpower; easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, sanitation, safety, and high efficiency.


vegetable washing machine


vegetable washing machine

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