Fresh meat slicer

A fresh meat slicer machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to precisely and efficiently slice fresh meat into uniform pieces. Equipped with sharp, adjustable blades and a powerful motor, this machine ensures consistent thickness and clean cuts, enhancing the presentation and cooking quality of meat products. Ideal for use in butcher shops, delis, supermarkets, and food processing facilities, the fresh meat slicer machine increases productivity by reducing manual labor and minimizing waste. Its robust construction, often made from stainless steel, ensures durability and easy cleaning, making it an indispensable tool in any commercial kitchen.


Key Specification

1. This machine has many functions, it is a generation of lamb, beef, and fresh meat slicers;

2. There is no material left in the slicing machine;

3. The slice thickness is steplessly adjustable within the range of 1.5-20mm, and can be adjusted after booting;

4. The cutting speed can be adjusted steplessly, and the energy consumption is small;

5. The blade of this machine is made of high-alloy tool steel, with high hardness, great toughness, no chipping and no rust;

6. This machine is equipped with a knife sharpening device, which can be used for self-grinding without removing the knife;

7. The conveyor belt is matched with the floating pressing belt to level the blanks and cut them to ensure the thickness of the slices and maximize the cutting width.

8. The conveyor belt adopts food-grade serrated conveyor belt, which is stable without knots, and is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

9. The machine is reasonable and compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, simple in operation, high in efficiency, low in power consumption, easy to clean and maintain, and safe and sanitary. The working platform and peripheral plate of this machine are made of stainless steel plate, which obviously guarantees the sanitary requirements.

10. The machine is equipped with a safety protection switch to ensure the safety of the operator.

11. The stainless steel body of the whole machine and the food contact parts are made of materials that meet the requirements of food hygiene.


Model Product Capacity(KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized


The fresh meat slicer is easy to operate, high in efficiency, low power consumption, easy to clean and maintain. The fresh meat slicer is safe and hygienic, easy to clean, energy-saving and efficient, and has good meat cutting effects. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, sturdiness and durability, and it is indispensable Meat processing machinery.

The whole machine of the fresh meat slicer is made of high-quality stainless steel, with a compact and strong structure. The blade is made of special steel, which cuts sharply and is durable. Cantilever tool group, easy to clean and disassemble. Equipped with a safety emergency stop switch, the feeding device is a special conveyor belt for food, which can cut large pieces of beef, sheep, pig and other boneless fresh meat into slices of various thicknesses. The processing efficiency can reach more than 1000kg/h, and the efficiency is high. Labor saving, especially suitable for imported beef, lamb, and meat processing manufacturers



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