Pasteurization Process Line (Copy)

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Pasteurization Process Line (Copy)

The water bath pasteurizer product line and Tunnel pasteurizer product line both are committed to providing sterilization solutions for various types of low-temperature meat products, boiled vegetables, sauces, condiments, soy products, dairy products, and other flexible packaging. The temperature of vegetables or canned food is automatically adjusted, and the temperature of the water in the sterilization tank is controlled between 80-90 degrees Celsius, which can not only achieve the sterilization effect, but also ensure that the nutrients such as protein are not lost, and maintain the original quality and color of the food. , to achieve the healthy pursuit of extending the shelf life without adding preservatives to the food, and retaining the original flavor of the food to a greater extent。


Key Specification

Flexible packaging bus sterilization line

WaterBath pasteurizer product line for flexible package (food package by Vacuum bag ,pouch and so on )

Water Bath pasteurizer product line: mainly includes elevator , pasteurizer, cooler, air dryer and other processes. Mainly suitable for soft packaging products of pasteurization process, suitable for low temperature sterilization of pickled vegetables, low temperature meat products, jams and other foods and beveragesw

Flexible packaging pasteurization line

The  advantages of Water Bath pasteurizer machine

1. The materials are heated in a sealed system to ensure the hygiene and safety of the materials.

2. The sterilization temperature is automatically controlled, and the temperature control accuracy is ±1℃.

3. Sterilization time: Sterilization time can be set according to needs

4. Adopt sanitary centrifugal pump for circulating heat exchange.

5. The equipment can be cooled by external ice water or tap water.

6. Good heat transfer effect and high working efficiency.

7. The operation is simple and convenient, and the material can be automatically fed through the sanitary pump, saving labor.

8. The equipment material is high-quality SUS304/316L stainless steel.

9. The equipment structure is simple, easy to clean, and low maintenance cost

The Tunnel Pasteurization line for canned food(package by Can ,bottle ,glass bottle and so on )

Pasteurization line for canned food

The tunnel pasteurization line process of canned products is mainly composed of a Tunnel (channel)  pasteurizer and air dryer.

The product is sterilized and cooled in the Tunnel (channel) pasteurizer, and the air dryer dries the moisture on the package after sterilization, so that the product can quickly enter the next process, thereby improving production efficiency.

TheTunnel (channel) pasteurizer process  line mainly adopts the design of the four-stage process of preheating – sterilization – precooling – cooling. This design makes the product in the sterilization process, the pressure and temperature rise slowly, as far as we know, the pressure and temperature are proportional, The channel pasteurizer can better control the pressure change to a minimum, so as to keep glass bottles or canned products such as three-piece iron and PP from being deformed during the sterilization process, which can better protect the packaging and taste of our products.

The interior of the equipment is set up, down, and left. There are four directions of spray angles to sterilize different products. Different products have different sterilization temperatures. The equipment can be arbitrarily designed, controlled freely, maintain a constant temperature, and automatically record. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is the most ideal sterilization equipment on the market.


ModelProduct Capacity (KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized


The principle of  water bath pasteurization: using a manual temperature control system, the water quality is heated up quickly, heated evenly, and the temperature can be adjusted with a small temperature difference, which is suitable for continuous pasteurization of different products. The water-bath sterilization function can effectively mix the materials in the medium water in a balanced manner, providing the sterilization effect on the items. The adjustable speed conveying system can effectively control the sterilization time of the product and complete the sterilization process of the product qualified.

The Tunnel (channel) pasteurizer has compact structure, convenient operation and low failure rate. The heating method adopts steam heating, which is especially suitable for continuous sterilization operations. The equipment adopts an automatic temperature control system, the water temperature rises quickly, the heating is uniform, the temperature difference is small, and the temperature is adjustable. Better protection of the packaging and koug of our canned products

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Tunnel (channel) pasteurizer

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