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“Selecting a Quality Assured Vacuum Meat Tumbler: Tips for Your Purchasing Decision”

Vacuum meat tumblers are indispensable equipment in food processing. There are various vacuum meat tumblers on the market, with huge differences in quality and performance. For many enterprises and individual users, how to choose a quality-assured vacuum meat tumbler has become a key issue. It is directly related to production efficiency, product quality, and cost control.
In this article, we will explore how to choose a quality-assured vacuum meat tumbler, why this topic is important to you, and how you can increase your production efficiency, reduce breakdown and repair costs, and ensure product quality through informed decisions. consistency.

what is the Main function and use of the Vacuum Meat Tumbler?

The main functions of the vacuum meat tumbler in the food pickling process include improving the pickling effect, speeding up the pickling speed, and improving production efficiency and product yield. By being in a vacuum state, the food fiber opens its mouth to absorb the pickling liquid more evenly, ensuring that the food is more delicious and even. This is crucial for the food processing industry, helping to produce high-quality food products while saving time and resources. The application of vacuum meat tumblers plays an important role in improving product quality and production efficiency.

Reasonable and good design of Vacuum Meat tumbler

“is the key to Selecting a Quality Assured Vacuum Meat Tumbler that can support machines with long service time and with low maintenance cost”

Introduce the Reasonable and good design of Vacuum Meat Tumbler :

Vacuum system: The design of the vacuum pump and sealing system is key.
The selection of the vacuum pump and sealing system of the vacuum Meat tumbler determines the equipment usage time and maintenance costs to a certain extent.
Since there are dusty ingredients, water, and other ingredients in the pickling liquid, for this situation, the water ring vacuum pump we choose for the vacuum tumbler mainly uses liquid as the working fluid to complete the vacuum operation, and the vacuum degree meets the requirements of our products. , compact structure, reliable working balance, and uniform flow rate. The water ring pump has a simple structure, with no need for lubrication the pump, and even suction. Since there is no exhaust valve and friction surface, it can extract gases with dust, condensable gases, and gas-water mixtures. , more suitable for use on tumblers.

   Oil-type vacuum pumps mainly use oil-sealed working chambers to complete vacuum operations. They have high vacuum degrees. Oil-sealed pumps are affected by water vapor or dust particles, so their service life is relatively short and they require a lot of maintenance work. Not suitable for use with vacuum tumblers.

Therefore, choose a professional manufacturer of vacuum tumbling machines with water circulation vacuum pumps.

Reducer and transmission system: The reducer is responsible for controlling the rotation speed of the cylinder, so its design must be strong and durable. The vacuum Meat tumbler uses a K system reducer, which is resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, has a large load capacity, and has low noise, ensuring that the equipment operates at a low noise level. At the same time, the design of the transmission system must ensure that appropriate power can be transmitted to meet the needs of different ingredients.

Chain drive is more durable

Control system: Modern vacuum Meat tumblers are usually equipped with advanced PLC control systems, which can accurately control temperature, vacuum degree, and drum speed. It can store a variety of product processes and is user-friendly, making the equipment user-friendly and adjustable.

Safety and hygiene: Safety and hygiene must be considered in the design to ensure that operators are not injured and that the equipment is easy to clean and maintain.The inside of the barrel is finely polished and sandblasted, and all welds of the equipment are polished to ensure equipment hygiene and safety.

how to choose a suitable Vacuum Meat tumbler?

  1. Vacuum meat tumbler and vacuum meat tumbler with cooling system
    When funds are sufficient, choosing a refrigerated vacuum meat tumbler /vacuum meat tumbler with a cooling system can indeed better control the temperature of the product, thereby maintaining taste and quality. This is very important for food processing that requires precise temperature control, especially for companies that have very strict requirements on product quality. It is the first choice for such companies.

However, when funds are limited, placing an ordinary vacuum meat tumbler in a refrigeration room or cold storage, or using ice to lower the temperature of the product, can be an effective alternative. However it can meet the temperature control needs to a certain extent, especially for small-scale food production enterprises.

  1. Horizontal Vacuum meat tumbler and hydraulic vacuum meat tumbler/Titing vacuum meat tumbler
    Horizontal vacuum tumbler: The drum of the horizontal tumbler is parallel to the horizontal ground, and the ingredients roll inside the drum to mix seasonings and ingredients. It is suitable for many different types of food processing needs and is a highly versatile piece of equipment.

Tiltable vacuum meat tumbler: The tiltable vacuum meat tumbler introduces a tilt design on the basis of the horizontal tumbler, allowing the drum to tilt within a certain angle. This allows for multi-angle rolling and saves time in loading and unloading materials. Equipment Cleaning is convenient and convenient. Equipped with a small material cart and feeding system, the equipment is more intelligent, saving manpower and improving production efficiency.

3. How to choose different models according to production capacity requirements
You can choose the corresponding model according to your production capacity. Taking the marinating of a whole chicken as an example, customers generally set it for 45 to 60 minutes. You can set different times on the vacuum meat tumbler PLC.

Model Product Capacity
(kw )
Machine size
NGR-60About 10-15KG/Batch0.851043*820*1019mm
NGR-200About 50-60KG/Batch1.551265*620*1105mm
NGR-400About 80-100KG/Batch31560*1200*1800mm
GR-600About 200-250KG/Batch3.351580*920*1460mm
GR-1000About 300-350KG/Batch4.051740*1020*1540mm
GR-1400About 500KG/Batch4.852030*1130*1660mm
GR-2000About 800KG/Batch7.852350*1240*1860mm
GR-2800About 1000KG/Batch9.352390*1450*2120mm
GR-3600About 1500KG/Batch11.353100*1550*2440mm
YGR-1200About 700KG/Batch7.52600*1400*1660mm
YGR-1700About 1000KG/Batch7.552700*1670*1885mm
YGR-2700About 1500KG/Batch8.353000*1800*2120mm
YGR-3600About 2000KG/Batch16.53900*1950*2140mm
YGR-4300About 2500KG/Batch18.54180*2050*2460mm
Vacuum meat tumbler :10~2500kg per batch with different model
Tilting Vacuum tumbler
Hydraulic Vacuum tumbler

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