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Selina Cheng

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Unmasking Stuffing Mixers Machine: Vacuum or Non-vacuum, Which One Suits You?

We often encounter customers asking about the difference between vacuum stuffing machines and non-vacuum stuffing mixer machines, and how should customers choose, below I will introduce the difference between vacuum and non-vacuum stuffing mixer machines from the following angles so that you can make according to your needs and situations The right choice?

1 . Food quality and taste: The vacuum stuffing machine fully expands the food stuffing and meat stuffing through the vacuum negative pressure state. The stuffing can better absorb the condiments through expansion and contraction so that the taste is full and there are no bubbles. It has good elasticity and bright color, and at the same time, it greatly precipitates the protein in the meat, which improves the elasticity and taste of the meat filling. It is an ideal piece of equipment for improving product quality. Non-vacuum stuffing machines don’t have the same advantage in this regard.

2. Preservation of ingredients: The vacuum sealing function of the vacuum stuffing machine delays the oxidation reaction of ingredients and prolongs the freshness period of ingredients. It is suitable for customers who need to preserve the stuffing for a long time.

3. Food safety: The vacuum stuffing machine can isolate materials from oxygen, reduce the contact between bacteria and microorganisms in food and air, reduce the risk of food contamination by bacteria, and provide higher food safety protection.

4. Ease of operation and economy: The non-vacuum stuffing machine is easy to operate and relatively low in price, and is suitable for customers who pay attention to operation convenience and economy.

5. Structural difference: the vacuum stuffing machine includes a stuffing container and a vacuum sealing device to form a stable vacuum environment; the non-vacuum stuffing machine consists of a stuffing container and an electric stirring device and has no vacuum sealing function.

Vacuum mixer machine
  1. Application range
    The vacuum stuffing machine is often used on some occasions with high food technology requirements, such as the processing of Taiwanese roast sausage, kissing sausage, bobo sausage, and other food, and the equipment for hot pot meatballs. It is also the preferred equipment for the production of other quick-frozen foods.
    Ordinary stuffing machine is a common equipment for quick-frozen dumplings and quick-frozen bun products.

Through the concise introduction of the above points, hope can clearly understand the difference between vacuum stuffing machines and non-vacuum stuffing mixer machines, and make the right choice according to your and your customer’s own needs and preferences.

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