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“Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Troubleshooting and Repair: Tips from Experts”

The vacuum meat tumbler is an indispensable piece of equipment in our food processing.

Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine Troubleshooting and Repair: Tips from Experts

Fault diagnosis and maintenance of vacuum tumblers are crucial to the reliability of industrial production and equipment operation for the following important reasons:

1. Production efficiency and continuity: Vacuum meat tumblers are commonly used in food processing and manufacturing processes. If this equipment malfunctions, it will cause production interruption, reduce production efficiency, and even cause order delays, damaging the company’s reputation.

2. Cost Control: Repairing faulty equipment is often much more expensive than regular maintenance. Through timely fault diagnosis and repair, maintenance costs can be reduced and the life of the equipment can be extended, thereby reducing long-term operating costs.

3. Product quality: The vacuummeat tumbler may directly affect product quality during the manufacturing process. If the equipment fails while it is running, the food in the equipment will be wasted, causing losses to the company.

What is the vacuum Meat tumbler and why it’s important, where is the vacuum meat tumbler use?

The vacuum Meat tumbler uses the principle of physical impact to tumble the meat and food in a vacuum state through the rotation of the cylinder. The meat pieces or meat fillings are turned up and down in the drum to achieve massage and pickling effects. When the cylinder rotates, the lumps of meat expand in the vacuum state, and the fibrous tissue is pulled apart. Under the action of the guide vanes, they make a gyrating motion upward → backward → inward → forward along the cylinder wall, squeezing each other, and at the same time along the cylinder wall. The cylinder wall rolled and beat tangentially. In this way, the meat protein is decomposed into water-soluble protein, which is easily absorbed by the human body, allowing the additives to penetrate evenly into the middle of the meat, making the meat and additives dissolve into one body, enhancing the binding force and water retention of the meat, so as to achieve fresh and tender meat and improve the product quality. The purpose of flexibility and yield rate. It can help customers save product time and product quality, what why this Vacuum meat tumbler is very important and widely used in Meat Food Processing.

Common vacuum Meat tumbler faults and problems and maintenance tips

Fault phenomenonCause of Fault IssueMethod of Solution
No vacuumingA. vacuum pump is broken
B. Vacuum pump reverse
A. Replace the vacuum pump
B. Change the power phase sequence
Not enough vacuumA. Vacuum pump oil is missing
B. Blade wear
A. Add vacuum pump oil
B. Correct or replace the blades
Noisy operationA. The reducer is short of oil
B. Reducer aging
A. Replace and add reducer oil
B. Replace the reducer
Common vacuum meat tumbler faults and problems and maintenance tips

Vacuum Meat Tumbler Maintenance recommendations and intervals

  1. If you choose an oil circulation vacuum pump On Vacuum meat tumbler, you need to clean the oil-water separator every day to ensure the long-term use of the vacuum pump.
  2. If it is an oil circulation vacuum pump, the amount of vacuum pump oil needs to be checked every month and replaced every six months. Special oil for vacuum pump,
  3. If it is a water circulation vacuum pump on a Vacuum meat tumbler, you only need to clean the water tank in time, and there is no need to replace the oil of the vacuum pump. The operation is simpler and the maintenance is more convenient.
  4. The reducer needs to clean the lubricating oil in the first three months of use.
    After three months, the frequency of lubricating oil replacement for the reducer is once a year.
  5. Preventive maintenance measures
  6. Pay attention to the care and maintenance of the vacuum pump.

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