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Retort(Autoclave)- What are the types of Retort(Autoclave) and how to choose the suitable one for product .

Retort (Autoclave ) is one of the most important procedures in food production and the quality of the sterilization equipment has a direct impact on the quality of the product and the brand of the company. If you have used a sterilizer, or are about to choose the right one for your product, this article will tell you how to sterilize the type of sterilizer, and how to choose the right one?

Retort (Autoclave ): In simple terms, a Retort (Autoclave )is an airtight, pressurized heater used to heat food in sealed containers. There are a number of different sterilizer systems that can be used for food products that are sealed in containers and require commercial sterilization.

Baiyu sterilizer from the control mode intelligent automatic sterilizer, computer semi-automatic control type, computer automatic control type (remote control type), and other five kinds.

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From the sterilization method to be divided into static steam sterilizer, pressurized static sterilizer. From the tank structure is divided into single pot sterilizer, double sterilizer, double pot parallel type sterilizer, three pot parallel type sterilizer, steam gas mixed sterilizer, rotary sterilizer, steam type sterilizer, etc.

So how do you choose the right Retort (Autoclave ) for your product?
vacuum packaging with other large packaging products, large packaging products are greater than or equal to 500g or more packaging, water bath Retort (Autoclave ) is more suitable, water bath Retort (Autoclave ) with more fast heating speed,&heat penetration, sterilization is more suitable.

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If it is non-vacuum packaging and glass bottles and other products, product packaging is easy to deformation, you need to choose water spray Retort (Autoclave ) with a heat exchanger, so that heating and cooling through the heat exchanger to slowly, so that in the case of pressure and temperature are proportional, when the temperature rises gradually, the pressure will slowly rise, so as to better protect our products.

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Products are easily precipitated and stratified in the packaging, then a rotary Retort (Autoclave ): is needed so that the sterilization process will be more uniform.

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Canned products can be based on the specific process requirements of the product rotary spray sterilizer or zhengqishaj

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