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Selina Cheng

14 years’ experience in food machinery and professional experience.
Vice President of the Shandong Food Machinery.

What is a vacuum tumbler marinator?

A Vacuum tumbler marinator is a kitchen appliance used /Food meat processing factory use machines for marinating and tenderizing meats, as well as infusing flavor into various food items. It consists of a drum or chamber that can be sealed airtight, and it uses a vacuum pump to remove air from the chamber. This creates a vacuum environment within the chamber, which has several advantages when it comes to marinating food:

  1. Faster Marination: The vacuum created inside the tumbler marinator helps to open up the pores of the meat or food, allowing the marinade to penetrate more quickly. This can significantly reduce the marinating time compared to traditional methods, which may take hours or even overnight.
  2. Enhanced Flavor Infusion: The vacuum environment in the chamber enables better flavor absorption. The marinade is pulled into the meat or food more effectively, resulting in a deeper and more even distribution of flavors.
  3. Improved Tenderization: The vacuum tumbler marinate can also help tenderize tougher cuts of meat by breaking down connective tissues and fibers within the meat.
  4. Consistent Results: Using a vacuum tumbler marinate can lead to more consistent marinating outcomes, ensuring that each piece of meat or food is evenly flavored and tenderized.

To use a vacuum tumbler marinator, you typically place the meat or food along with the marinade inside the chamber, seal it, and then activate the vacuum pump. The pump removes the air, creating the vacuum, and the drum or chamber rotates, ensuring even distribution of the marinade. Once the marination process is complete, you can release the vacuum and remove the marinated food for cooking.

These appliances are popular in commercial kitchens, such as restaurants and butcher shops and meat food factory .

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