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Beating Machine

The beating machine is the main beating equipment for meatballs, tribute balls, fish balls, Taiwanese sausages, and other meat products (especially mid-to-high-end products). The meat can be beaten and stirred into a slurry within two or three minutes after starting up. The fineness is excellent. The processed meat slurry effectively improves the structure of the fat and fiber of the meat, making the meat more delicious. It has the characteristics of smooth and delicate appearance, low fat, crisp taste, good elasticity, good toughness, and long cooking time. It is an ideal piece of equipment for producing meatballs.



Beating Machine Description

The working principle of the beating  machine: the use of speed regulation first slow knead will hold the meat dough drawing, slowly processed into mud after step-less variable speed beat, so that the meat fiber in the shipment of larger water absorption and reorganization of strong, so that the production of meatball products such as crisp and elastic, can float in the water, Cooking does not crack.

 The beating machine is composed of a frame, barrel, pulp rod, electrical box, hydraulic system, etc.

1. The whole beater is made of SUS304 stainless steel that meets international food hygiene standards, which is beautiful and durable;

2. This machine is equipped with automatic or manual beating function, with reasonable design and convenient operation;

3. Low noise, energy-saving and electricity-saving, and the barrel also has a flip function, which is convenient for discharging and cleaning;

4. Frequency conversion control, high-speed rotation, adjustable speed, meat beating, ingredients, and mixing can be completed within 3-5 minutes after starting up;

5. The meat fat fiber is improved during the production process, and the meatballs produced are smooth, tender, low-fat, crispy, good elasticity, and lasting for a long time. It is a special equipment for making meatballs.

Customer Cases


Model Product Capacity (KG/batch)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)
DJ 100507.5380V/220V1000*550*`1200
DJ 30015018.5380V/220V1560*850*1400
DJ 50030022380V/220V1700*1100*1500

Other models can be customized


Infinitely variable frequency speed beating machine, it is a kind of beating equipment suitable for food factory production. The machine adopts stepless electromagnetic speed control technology, which makes its various indicators significantly better than traditional various mixing. The slurry produced by it has good uniformity, more stable and non-vibrating during work, low noise, and more operation and safety. It is reliable, and does not lose the original color, fragrance and taste due to long mixing time, so that the food is fresh. And can turn the barrel manually, easy to operate, complete functions, superior performance, optional capacity, strong compatibility, saving time and electricity.

The beater uses a motor as the power source. The motor is installed on the top, and the reduction assembly is driven by the coupling to drive the main shaft of the blade to rotate. The main shaft blade rotates in the barrel. The pulp sheet is in the barrel during the rotation. The meat and auxiliary materials are effectively beaten (fully refined fiber and protein) and mixed.

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Beating machine

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