Steam generator

Steam generator

Steam generators are mainly classified according to fuel, which can be divided into electromagnetic steam generators, electric steam generators, oil-fired steam generators, gas-fired steam generators, etc.A steam generator is a mechanical device that uses the thermal energy of fuel or other energy sources to heat water into hot water or steam. The “Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment” stipulates that the boiler’s internal tank water capacity> 30L is a pressure vessel and is a national special equipment. The internal structure of the DC pipeline of the modular steam generator does not require water storage, and the water capacity of the small inner boiler (steam generator) is mostly less than 30L, so it is not supervised by the technical supervision department, saving installation and use costs


Key Specification

1. Using liquid crystal display fully automatic intelligent electronic control system:
The operating system of the steam generator is fully automatic, and all operating states can be seen clearly on the LCD screen. We observe the working status of the steam generator, the water level status of the steam generator, the high and low steam pressure status, the running status of the water pump, the fault alarm status, etc.
2. Using excellent parts:
The pressure controller uses imported Denmark, the instrument valves, and the electrical appliances use well-known brands at home and abroad.
3. Multiple interlocks ensure the safe operation of the machine:
The product is equipped with safety valves, pressure controllers, overpressure protection, and overtemperature to prevent damage to the steam generator due to excessive pressure; at the same time, it has extreme low water level protection. The steam generator will automatically stop working when the water supply is stopped. The phenomenon that the electric heating element is damaged or even burned out due to the dry burning of the steam generator is prevented.
4. Easy to use and easy to install.
The product has passed strict debugging before leaving the factory. The user only needs to install and connect the power and water source and press the one-key start button to enter the fully automatic operation state of the steam generator without complicated installation.
5. Manufactured according to the technology of ring mirror science, energy saving, etc.
The scientific design style of rectangular parallelepiped is adopted, the internal design structure is reasonable, and the maintenance is extremely convenient. The shell of the steam generator adopts sandblasting technology, exquisite workmanship, durability, and beautiful appearance..


Model Gas production KG/H)Rated working pressure(MPA)Normal water level volumeInlet diameter

Other models can be customized


Boiler parameters are the main indicators of boiler performance, including boiler capacity, steam pressure, steam temperature, feed water temperature, etc.

The unique airflow technology is adopted to achieve the consistency of the airflow conditions at all points in the box to a large extent, to ensure that the products in the entire furnace are processed in a controllable and uniform process, and to achieve low-consumption, high-efficiency and satisfactory output



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