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Autoclave (Retort )

Autoclave (retort ) using a heating medium (steam, hot water) to heat the sealed and then container food, sealed packaging in the container need to achieve commercial sterility of the product sterilization, adapted to cans, beverages on tin cans, and glass cans sterilization processing work. Autoclave (retort )  is necessary sterilization equipment in the food processing industry, beverage processing industry, edible mushroom processing industry, and pharmaceutical industry. customized according to customer needs.


Key Specification

Autoclave (retort ) has many kinds of type, our main production has steam Autoclave (retort ), water spray Autoclave (retort ), water immersion Autoclave (retort ).

Retort’s Scope of application
1. Metal containers: tin cans (canned lunch meat, canned fish, etc.); 2. Soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bag, high temperature bag (small weight); 3. Glass containers: not recommended 4. Plastic containers: PP bottles are not recommended 5. Sterilization of medical waste, edible fungi, wood, soil, etc.

Steam Sterilization



Other models can be customized


water spray retort

Water Spray Autoclave (retort ), the sterilization process is installed in the sterilization pot on both sides or the top of the nozzle, spraying foggy wave-shaped hot water to the food surface, so not only uniform temperature without dead ends, and rapid heating and cooling speed, can be comprehensive, fast, stable sterilization of products in the pot, especially for soft packaging food sterilization.

Water immersion  Autoclave (retort )is made by direct injection of steam or electric , so that the water in the hot water tank heats up to a predetermined temperature, and then injected into the process tank, while making the process water in the pot constantly circulating, and through the water and steam mixer circulation heating sterilization. Thus, the sterilization time is shortened and the efficiency is improved. The process water for sterilization can be recycled, saving energy, time, and consumption of manpower and material resources, and reducing production costs

water immersion retort

The principle of steam Autoclave (retort), mainly through the water out of steam, steam to reach a high temperature on the food for high-temperature sterilization. Selection of steam Autoclave (retort) sterilization must ensure that the items are regular, in order to be sufficient to achieve the items are evenly heated and sterilized evenly. Steam Autoclave (retort) is suitable for tinplate, glass bottle packaging, PE bottle packaging, suitable for beverage, meat products, wine sterilization。


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autoclave retort

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