Smoking house

A smoking house has three heating methods: steam heating, electric heating, and gas or oil heating. With a modular combination structure, it allows for easy installation and production. The smoking house features an automatic temperature control system and a special design to ensure uniform temperature, humidity, and smoke distribution inside the house. Its structure, made of stainless steel with a polyurethane core, provides excellent insulation, high rigidity, and minimal heat loss, making it the preferred equipment for food processing.


Key Specification

  1. The smoking house is mainly composed of cabinets, air circulation, smoke, cleaning, electric control, etc.

  2. Computer automation control: large-screen man-machine interface, displaying various parameters on one screen at the same time, so as to monitor the operating status; remote control can be realized; printing formula, temperature, humidity curve; 100 process formulas can be stored;
  3. Unique air circulation system: Effectively ensure the consistency of temperature and humidity during the baking, cooking, drying, smoking, and other processes of the product, thereby ensuring that the product is uniformly colored and beautiful in color;
  4. Smoking system: The external wood pellet and sawdust smoking system not only makes the product produce a fruity aroma but also can make the product smoke into a golden yellow color from shallow to deep. The split sugar stove smoking system can smoke traditional Chinese products, produce a unique sugar smoked flavor, and the color can be controlled, the darkest can become maroon red. The use of two smoking systems at the same time can produce a unique smoke aroma and color. The wood pellet smoke generation system on the door adopts the world’s internal circulation smoke generation process to generate smoke in a low-oxygen state, shorten the length of the flue, reduce energy consumption, and reduce equipment footprint;
  5. Material and heat preservation: The box structure is based on a bicycle, which can be assembled into different combinations. The material is made of an imported SUS304 stainless steel wire drawing board. The insulation layer is made of imported polyurethane insulation material, which can be formed at one time with high-temperature resistance and good insulation performance;
  6. Control components: PLC, man-machine interface, solenoid valve, and other key components are imported products;
  7. Heating method: use the external steam heating method or electric heating method;
  8. Equipped with an efficient online cleaning system: door locks, door hinges, and sealing strips are unique in design, tightly sealed, and easy to operate. The doors of the raw and cooked area are interlocked and the areas are isolated, which meets the requirements of HACCP.


Model Product Capacity (KG/batch)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized


It consists of steaming room, heating system, smoke generator, air supply, exhaust system, air drying system, cleaning system and electrical control system.

The unique airflow technology is adopted to achieve the consistency of the airflow conditions at all points in the box to a large extent, to ensure that the products in the entire furnace are processed in a controllable and uniform process, and to achieve low-consumption, high-efficiency and satisfactory output



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