Peeling washing machinery

Peeling washing machine is designed and produced for the cleaning, peeling and sludge removal of potato, potato, ginger, sweet potato and other root vegetables. According to the characteristics of the raw materials to be processed, the potato peeling and cleaning machine adopts two large brushes, a hard brush and a soft brush. Class, avoid excessive damage to the raw materials as much as possible.


Key Specification

The hair roller cleaning machine is widely used for cleaning and peeling round and oval fruits and vegetables such as ginger, carrots, yam, potato, sweet potato, kiwi and other root and tuber vegetables.
1.The machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and convenient operation, large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life, etc.
2. The brush roller material is processed by a special process (rolled by nylon cord ), durable.
3. the whole machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, the machine has compact structure, low noise, stable operation, reliable performance, simple operation and high efficiency.
4.Good wear resistance. The box body is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not rusty, clean and hygienic.


Model Product Capacity(KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized


The potato and other materials to be cleaned are rotated by the brush of the potato peeling cleaning machine, and the surface of the material is rubbed with the brush, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning, peeling and polishing the material. Cleaning, peeling and polishing should choose the brush Thickness. The potato peeling and washing machine adopts centrifugal rotation and touches the peeling technology of Sassafras.

Scope of application
  1. Glass container: glass bottle (bird’s nest, sea cucumber, abalone, etc.);
  2, metal containers: tinplate cans, two-piece aluminum cans (;
  3, soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bag;
  4. Plastic containers: PP bottles, HDPE bottles, aluminum foil boxes, plastic box packaging.
Heating form: steam, electric heating
Degree of automation: fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual


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