vegetable grade machine2
vegetable grade machine

Fruit Vegetable Grading Machine

Fruit and vegetable grading machines are used for grading fruit and vegetable raw materials after harvesting, and for the inconvenience caused by uneven grading of fruit and vegetables in terms of size, weight, shape, color, ripeness, etc. to the handling, packaging, storage, and transportation, sales, and processing of raw materials; we provide grading equipment for weight grading, diameter grading, size grading, etc.


Key Specification

Fruit and vegetable grade machines include computer weight classifiers, mechanical weight classifiers, mesh classifiers, mechanical diameter classifiers, fruit and vegetable washing and waxing machines, fruit and vegetable washing machines, fruit and vegetable pre-cooling and fresh-keeping machines, and fruit and vegetable warm-hot fresh-keeping machines. , Fruit packaging line.1. Fruit and vegetable classifiers include: computer intelligent sorting machine, mechanical weight classifier, mesh classifier, mechanical diameter classifier, etc.
2. It is used for fruit sugar content, internal browning, color and weight sorting and grading. The free tray fruit sorting machine realizes zero-impact puncture sorting and high sugar content detection accuracy.
3. Using computer intelligent color separation and weighing, washing and waxing apples and other fruits, sorting and grading by weight, color and sugar content.
4. Used for weight grading of spherical fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, pomegranates, persimmons, plums, oranges, oranges, tomatoes, etc.


ModelProduct Capacity (KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized


vegetable grade machine

The bar grader can also be called a bar grader and is made up of a frame, a bar, a conveyor chain, a transmission and other parts. The equipment is driven by the rotation of the double spiral to drive the roller bar on the grading bed, moving forward in parallel and gradually increasing the gap between the rollers to achieve the corresponding size of the fruit and vegetables, so that the fruit and vegetables from the gap between the rollers fall to the fruit conveyor belt, completing the purpose of fruit separation.

grading machine

Weight grading machine through the balance weighing classification grade, the use of this equipment, can be sorted between 20-1500 grams of meat products, seafood, fruit and vegetables, etc., weighing sorting machine detection speed of up to 300 times / minute, sorting speed is very fast, to achieve the highest accuracy +_0.3 grams; using imported sensors, automatic tracking zero point, automatic statistics and data storage of the product, high precision Small error, strong stability The machine guarantees the standard of the product weight, which makes the production efficiency of the enterprise greatly improved; built-in high-speed frequency conversion drive, stable and noiseless operation, touch screen operation, the grading section parameters of the product can be freely set according to the customer’s needs.

vegetable and fruit grading machine


The Function of fruit and vegetable grading.
1. fruit and vegetable raw materials after harvesting grading can solve the fruit and vegetables due to size, weight, shape, colour, ripeness and other aspects of the untidy row to the processing of raw materials, packaging, storage and transportation, sales and processing brought about by the inconvenience
2. raw materials after grading, can reduce losses, reduce waste and help improve the uniform consistency of raw materials.
3. improving the quality of manufactured fruit and vegetable products
4. grading of fruit and vegetable raw materials is not only an important means of achieving commercialization of fruits and vegetables; is an effective measure of quality control of fruit and vegetable products.


grading equipment

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