Meatball Production Line

Meatball Production Line

Meatball Production Line Needs Meat Grinder, Bowl Chopping (Or Beater), Meatball Forming machine, Frying Machine Or Boiling Line, Quick Frozen and Package Machine, Customized production for pork balls, beef balls, mutton balls, tribute balls, chicken breast balls, vegetable balls and other kinds of balls. The meatballs produced have good taste, elasticity, and will not disperse after a long time of cooking. The whole set of equipment is made of stainless steel. The appearance is beautiful, generous, safe, and simple to operate, and it is easy to disassemble and clean.


Meatball production line

Baiyu meatball production line

Baiyu Meatball production line can work with Chicken ball ,beef ball ,fish ball ,Shrimp balls And so on. we have 30+  years Manufacturing experience.

Baiyu Meatball production line -parts Customer case

Baiyu Meatball production some customer case ,different product capacity we have different design ,like 300kg.500kg.1000kg.2000kg.3000kg.5000kg /hour ,we can support the customsized product line .

Meatball production process

Baiyu meatball production line

Ball product process as follow :
raw meat-meat grinder-beating (mixing)-meatball machine-cooking-cooling-quick freezing-packaging.
1. Pre-treatment of frozen meat: The production volume is small, and it can be artificially and naturally thawed, and the production volume is large, and the thawing machine is used.

2. Frozen meat planing machine: This machine uses the cutting knife to rotate at high speed to cut the frozen meat into slices of different thicknesses. The meat is cut into slices without thawing (the temperature of the meat is -7℃~-4℃). Eliminate the process of thawing frozen meat and improve work efficiency.

3. Frozen meat grinder: This machine can be equipped with corresponding cutters and orifices according to the nature of the material and the different processing technology, and can process particles of different sizes to meet the process requirements of the next process.

4. Bowl Chopping machine: The chopping knife is made of imported materials and processed by special technology, which has the characteristics of high hardness, wear-resistance and good toughness. The key parts are processed by a machining center to ensure the degree of processing. The gap between the tip of the knife and the chopping pot is 1.5-2mm, good meat chopping and emulsification effect; knife shaft bearing adopts two seals to ensure good lubrication of the rotating part of the knife shaft so that the rotation is stable; the whole machine adopts good dynamic and static balance, low noise and low vibration.

5. Beater: adopts large torque and heavy-duty transmission design, working stably. The barrel is turned over by hydraulic lifting, and the rod is automatically reversed. The barrel also has a turning function, which is convenient for picking and cleaning. The material barrel adopts heat preservation double-layer type so that the slurry in the barrel is not easy to rise in temperature and the effect is better.

6. Meatball assembly line: It consists of five parts: forming, cooking, cooling, transmission system, and frequency conversion control. The water in the forming tank and the cooking tank is heated by the steam pipe in the tank, and the water temperature is controlled by a high-temperature and high-pressure valve by adjusting the steam flow rate. The water temperature of the forming tank is 85°C, and the water temperature of the cooking tank is about 95°C. The water in the forming tank forms a water flow through the hot water circulating pump, so that the meatballs from the meatball machine will start to flow to the end of the forming tank soon after entering the water. This process is controlled by the regulating valve to control the water flow rate to control the flow of meatballs and quick-freeze. The meatballs reach the ideal shape.

7. Quick-freezing machine: The tunnel-type quick-freezing machine adopts the international advanced quick-freezing technology and frequency conversion speed regulation. Stainless steel mesh belt, high-elastic stainless steel wire, smooth surface, strong load-bearing capacity; the frequency converter steplessly adjusts the transmission speed.


Model Product Capacity(KG/batch)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)
Meat grinder JRJ-1005005.5380V/220V890*540*955
Bowl cutter ZB-8050-6021.48380V/220V1820*1280*1200
Meat beating machine DJ 100507.5380V/220V1000*550*`1200
Meatball machine RYJ-40240-3201.5380V/220V850*500*1600
Blanching machine BPT6000300~8005.25380V/220V6000*1500*1400
Package machine DZ400/2S180~3001380V/220V1010*600*850

Other models can be customized

Meat production line process

Meatball cooking line meatball forming and steaming line consists of three major parts, namely forming part, Boiled part and cooling part. The water in the forming tank and the steaming tank is heated by steam pipes in both tanks. The water temperature is controlled by adjusting the steamer to ensure that the water temperature of the forming tank is about 75℃ and the water temperature of the cooking tank is about 90℃. The formed meatballs need to be further steamed in the steaming tank and then moved to the end of the steaming tank through the conveyor chain at a uniform speed. The time required for steaming different kinds of meatballs can be controlled by adjusting the running speed of the conveyor chain. The meatballs conveyed to the cooling tank through the chain are rapidly cooled in the cooling tank, and the water in the cooling tank is open type, i.e., cold water enters and hot water overflows, and the water temperature in the cooling tank is always around 20℃-25℃. Meatballs in the cooling tank after cooling can be directly into the quick-freezing workshop hanging ice freezing. The whole is made of stainless steel, which really realizes the automation of making meatballs, reduces the labor intensity, increases the production capacity of meatballs, and improves the production efficiency.

Meatball product line sturcture


meatball production line application

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