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Bowl Cutter/Bowl Chopper

The high-speed bowl cutter machine mixes and emulsifies raw materials, preventing the oxidation and destruction of nutrients such as myoglobin and fat in the raw meat. This process significantly retains the original color, aroma, taste, and various nutritional components. By chopping, the machine enhances the product’s fineness and water affinity, thereby improving its elasticity. It features a high knife shaft speed (up to 4500 rpm), high power, excellent chopping and emulsifying effects, and a wide range of raw material processing capabilities. It can not only chop and emulsify various meats but also process coarse fibers such as meat skin, tendons, soybean products, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and composite collagen materials.


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Bowl Cutter -Baiyu Factory

Baiyu Bowl cutter have two kind  in market .One is High speed bowl cutter and Vacuum Bowl Cutter machine .The difference between vacuum chopper and non-vacuum chopper

The main difference between vacuum bowl chopper and High speed bowl cutter  is their working environment and mixing efficiency. Here are the main differences between the two:

working environment:

Vacuum bowl chopping machine: By establishing a vacuum space, it can effectively protect the mixing materials, avoid oxidation of the ingredients, and better retain the nutrients of the ingredients, prevent the growth of bacteria, and thus achieve the purpose of preservation. 

High speed bowl cutter : There is no vacuum space established, so it is more convenient to operate, but it may not be as effective in protecting ingredients as a vacuum bowl cutter. 

Stirring efficiency:

Vacuum bowl  chopping machine: Because the vacuum environment is established, the ingredients are fully contacted, the mixing efficiency is higher, and it can provide better emulsification and chopping effects, while also avoiding the oxidation and nutrient loss of the ingredients. 

High speed bowl cutter : Although easy to operate, it may have some limitations during the mixing process, especially when it is necessary to avoid oxidation and protect nutrients.

To sum up, due to its unique vacuum working environment and higher mixing efficiency, the vacuum chopping machine is more suitable for use in occasions that have high requirements for food quality, such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as food processing that need to maintain The freshness and nutritional value of ingredients.

Cost and price:

The structure of the vacuum bowl chopper is more complex. It has a stricter sealing system and vacuum system. Due to the vacuum system, the vacuum suction of the vacuum bowl cutter   and mixing machine has certain requirements on the thickness and strength of the stainless steel material. Therefore, the entire equipment design, materials and accessories are different, because the vacuum bowl chopping and high speed bowl chooper  has different requirements. There is a big difference in price between the machine and the high speed bowl chopper machine.

You can choose according to your food or pharmaceutical product technology and budget.

Bowl Cutter --Customer Case

Baiyu Bowl cutter machine Customer Case

Some part Customer Case Use Baiyu Bowl cutter In different country with good feedback .some customer use blow cutter in Sausage process product line ,Customer satisfaction is the goal pursued by Baiyu.

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Bowl cutter Model Paramters

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Bowl cutter machine Sturct

Bowl Cutter  Making process

Baiyu bowl cutter machine  have Strict processing process is as follows: Engineer design – Raw Material SS304 plate and tube will come to CNC programming and laser cutting -worker will weld the machine as the Technical drawings -the machine will be Assemle by the experenice worker, In the production process of the meat bowl chopping machine, the most difficult part is the weight matching between the blades of the knife shaft, and the process of installing the knife to ensure that the knife can run smoothly at high speed. It is necessary to maintain the minimum gap between the knife and the pot, so as to ensure The material is fully chopped. This is because our engineers have more than 40 years of experience and technology and our experienced workers have been working on this equipment to ensure that the equipment we produce maintains high quality.Due to the high-speed operation of the bowl chopper , our engineers will check the stability of the bowl cutter  in the simplest way by placing a coin on any part of the operating equipment. If the coin remains stable, the test passes.finally we will  cleaning machine before shipment.

Bowl cutter machine Factory Show

Bowl cutter bowl chopper

Baiyu always welcome customer coming  and test bowl cutter or other food machinery machine and visit at factory or our exhibition .


Bowl chopper wide application in food is can cutter  different vegetable and meat.widely use at sausage product line ,meatball and other food process.we have different model can support restrance and food factory ,welcome to sent our inquired .

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