Brine Injector Machine

Saline Injection Machine

Brine Injector Machine

The Brine injection machine can evenly inject the brine and auxiliary materials prepared marinade into the meat block, which greatly improves the taste and yield of meat products. Users can adjust the step speed, step distance, gap of meat press, and injection pressure to inject the marinade into the material quantitatively, evenly, and continuously according to the process requirements, so as to achieve the best injection effect of the product. The brine injection machine ensures uniform injection of products at one time. It can inject various meat products and chicken and duck products with bones.


Key Specification

salina injection machine

Saline Injector machine- Customer Case

saline machine customer case

This machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, with strict design, reasonable structure, easy operation, removable transmission chain plate, clean and sanitary, easy to clean, and is essential equipment for meat processing enterprises.

Brine machine step needle box transmission device adopts frequency converter to adjust the speed. The liquid injection pump adopts a frequency converter to adjust the pump pressure.

1.Adopt European technology. The Brine injection machine including the salt water pump is made of SUS304 stainless steel. It conforms to HACCP hygiene standard.

2.It can be injected with bone (with automatic protection device, when the injection needle touches a hard object, the injection needle lifts up with it and is not damaged; the injection needle can be easily adjusted and installed). The injection needle is uniquely designed and reasonably arranged, the material water can be evenly distributed in the meat block, and the injection rate is adjustable.

3.The conveyor belt can be easily pulled out for cleaning, which is in line with the humanized design concept.

4.The electrical box is split installation, which can effectively avoid moisture of electrical appliances.

5.The material water filter is equipped with four layers, so that the material water circulation process will not block the brine pump. The circulating system is equipped with pressure stabilizing accumulator to ensure stable injection pressure.

6.The conveyor belt is reasonably designed to meet the injection of small and large meat pieces.Brine injection machine


Model Product Capacity(KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized

Saline injection machine sturcture

Brine injector sturcture

Saline injection making process


brine injector machine


Saline injector application

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