Meat Grinder /Meat Mincer

Meat Grinder /Meat Mincer

The single-cutter series frozen meat grinder, also known as a meat mincer, is expertly designed for processing standard frozen meat ranging from -18℃ to 0℃. This specialized meat processing equipment can directly cut through unthawed meat pieces, effectively preserving the meat’s nutrients and protein content. By avoiding damage to muscle fiber tissue and preventing significant temperature increases, this grinder extends the shelf life of the product. Using interchangeable hole knives, it produces various minced meat and meat products. As defrosting is unnecessary, the grinder maintains the meat’s nutritional value and flavors, ensuring high-quality output every time.


Key Specification

forzen meat mincer ,Frozen meat grinder ,fresh meat grinder

1. According to German product design, it is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel material, and the shape is designed with arc shape, compact structure, stable operation, beautiful appearance, no pollution, and conforms to hygienic requirements and European standards.

2. All cutting tools are made of imported materials, and vacuum heat treatment is completed. It has good performance and can be used with imported knives. The knives have a variety of combinations to meet various needs of customers. They can be used for grinding frozen meat, fresh meat, vegetables, etc.

3. The auger shaft has a large lead, a large feed opening, a smooth feed, and high production efficiency.

4. Good granularity (single auger meat grinder has high speed, low compression ratio, and low discharge pressure), and the design of the screw pitch of the discharge screw is reasonable, so that the raw meat can pass smoothly, reducing the oil phenomenon, and Reduce the damage to the meat by the auger, so that the meat has good granularity and clear edges.

5. Reasonable structure design, with quick-release handle and handle, which can easily remove the discharging screw and the whole set of knives. It is easy to disassemble, clean, repair and maintain, and the friction force during the cutting process is small, and the temperature rise of the meat is low. , Which is conducive to preservation and prolongs the shelf life. Simple operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

6. Good versatility, wide application range, and a variety of orifice plate combinations, which are more suitable for the requirements of different meat products.

Meat grinder -Baiyu Customer Case

Fresh meat grinder .fresh meat mincer

Baiyu Meat grinder customer case in different country ,Baiyu Meat mincer machine support customer more than 10 + years use well in the meat food factory 

Meat grinder model Paramters

Model Product Capacity (KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized

Meat Grinder structure

Meat Grinder making process

Meat mincer machiner making process

Meat grinder machine with strict process to ensure my machine with High quality 

Meat Grinder process factory show

Baiyu alway welcome customer coming to visit Baiyu factory and test machine ,we also support online factory inspection and product inspection ,so you can know Baiyu meat mincer how to making process in factory ,so ensure Customer have high quality machine 


Baiyu Meat grinder can use different food processing factory ,like sausage ,pet food process ,and so on ,it is workly with low noise ,and good operation in food process 

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