Mixer machinery

Mixer Machine

This advanced mixer machine builds upon the foundations of traditional mixers, incorporating international technology to deliver unparalleled mixing performance.

Operating under vacuum conditions, the vacuum mixer machine leverages negative pressure to expand the material while the paddle simultaneously tumbles the ingredients radially and refluxes them axially. This innovative process ensures even mixing, achieving the ideal mixing effect.

Furthermore, the vacuum mixer machine features a unique design that refines the fiber of the meat filling. This refinement allows animal protein between the meat fibers to freely precipitate, ensuring that the meat filling is mixed evenly and achieves a fluffy texture. Additionally, the machine optimizes the absorption of seasoning juice, ensuring that the filling remains loose, fresh, tender, and rich in flavor.

As the ideal equipment for various pasta processing plants, the vacuum mixer machine is essential for frozen dumplings, buns, chaos, and other meat-based products. Its superior mixing capabilities ensure consistent quality and enhance the overall taste and flavor of your products.


Product Description

Baiyu Vacuum mixer machine

1. The Mixer machine is carefully made with high-quality food-grade SUS304 stainless steel material, which meets the requirements of food hygiene, is compact structure, strong and durable, can be directly washed with water, and is easy to clean and maintain.

2. The degree of vacuum can be set, the vacuum effect is good, and there is no air bubble, which can make the material in the vacuum state, the filling is stirred evenly, fully expanded, good elasticity, bright color and greatly improved protein.

3. Reasonable design, flexible and simple operation. It adopts computer programming and automatic control, can store 99 formulas, set the total mixing time, intermittent time and mixing program, which greatly improves work efficiency.

4. It adopts reducer chain transmission/reducer direct connection transmission, the machine movement is stable and reliable, with low noise, suitable for various technological requirements, and is an ideal equipment for changing product quality.

Meat Mixer machine -Baiyu Customer Case

Meat mixer machine model Paramters

Other models can be customized

Model Product Capacity(KG/batch)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Mixer machine sturcture

Mixer machiner making process

Baiyu strict meat mixer machine making process ,so can be ensure that Vacuum mixer will opration with low  noise ,and long time service life .

Meat mixer machine Factory show

Baiyu alway welcome you come and test  vacuum meat  mixer machine in factory ,Baiyu support the food machinery one -stop solution in long time ,we are support online inspection factory and machine test too ,always welcome for your coming 


mixer machine application

meat mixer machine can be use for mixer vegetable ,meat with full and uniform mixing of spices, food additives, powders and other products, widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries

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