Baiyu vacuum meat tumbler marinator

Hydraulic Vacuum Meat Tumbler

Baiyu’s Vacuum Meat Tumbler simulates manual massage and pickling. Through the principle of physical impact of materials in a vacuum state, the meat is turned up and down in the drum, hitting and beating each other to achieve massage and pickling effects. This shortens the marinating time, improves product yield, and makes the meat more tender and delicious.
The main types of tumblers include:  Tiltable meat Vacuum tumblers, Refrigerated Vacuum  Meat tumblers, and Automatic vacuum tumblers for meat processing
Mainly used in meat processing, processing of chicken, pork, beef, seafood, and other products. Different meats have different tumbling times and speeds. The ruler of the tumbling machine determines the beating force of the product and thus determines the marinated taste of the product. The engineers of Baiyu Tumbler will customize the mixing ruler of the Vacuum meat tumbler according to your products to ensure the pickling effect of your products.


Machine Descripiton

Commercial Vacuum Tumbler Marinator

Difference from Vacuum tumbler machine 

Vacuum meat tumbler machineEquipment Cleaning is convenient. Equipped with a small material cart and feeding system, the equipment is more intelligent, saving manpower and improving production efficiency.
Horizontal Vacuum TumblerIt is suitable for many different types of food processing needs and is a highly versatile piece of equipment.
Tilted Vacuum TumblerFor small product capacity. Just begin to do this kind of business.
Vacuum tumbler with cooling systemThis is very important for food processing that requires precise temperature control, especially for companies that have very strict requirements on product quality. It is the first choice for such companies.
So You can check with Baiyu Process Item to know more then give you professional suggestions.

Customer Case

Vacuum tumbler machine for meat processing applications like fried chicken, chicken meat, pork and seafood, beef, and other meat food. It helps to massage, marinate, and mix the food. Here are some Baiyu customer cases using vacuum meat tumbler machines.

Model of Vacuum tumbler Machine


Baiyu Meat Vacuum Tumbler are reasonable design mechanism that makes equipment cleaning more convenient and saves labor & Greatly improves production efficiency.

Meat Vacuum tumbler Auxiliary equipment

Baiyu Commerical Vacuum tumbler marinator  can working with automatic feeding With hydraulic  feeder and Meat trolley .Reduce workers’ work intensity and improve production efficiency.

Baiyu Tilting Meat Vacuum Tumbler Advantage :

1. Tilting vacuum meat tumbler, there is no baffle at the feed inlet, making discharging and feeding convenient and fast. Raw materials, water, additives, etc. can be poured directly at one time when the drum is tilted. Solve the problem that horizontal Vacuum meat tumbling machines are difficult to clean and are not cleaned thoroughly. Cleaning time is shortened and efficiency is improved.

2. The vacuum meat tumbler machine has a Vacuum suction port. The suction port can be used to suck in the pickling liquid under vacuum.

3. Professional engineers accurately design and calculate each mixing blade of the vacuum meat tumbler machine according to the customer’s needs for pickling different products.

4. Increase the width and thickness of the drum drive belt of the Vacuum meat tumbler to extend the service life of the equipment.

5. The company’s regular products are touch screens (single chip microcontrollers), 7 inches, and the touch screen program is fixed. The parameters of total time, rolling time, interval time, deflation time, vacuum degree, and other values can be freely set on a vacuum meat tumbler machine.

Vacuum Meat Tumbler Making process

Baiyu Vacuum Meat Tumbler machine has a strict processing process as follows: Engineer design – Raw Material SS304 plate and tube will come to CNC programming and laser cutting -worker will weld the machine as the Technical drawings -the machine will be Assemle by the worker, then Vacuum tumbler will polishing and sandblasting ensure vacuum tumbler for meat processing get the Hygiene requirements for international food machinery, finally we will testing machine and cleaning machine before shipment.

Vacuum tumbler machine Factory Show

Baiyu is a professional manufacturer with over 30+ years of experience specializing in vacuum tumbling machines, vacuum massaging machines, marinating vacuum tumblers, and other food processing machines. Baiyu provides a one-stop food processing machine solution. We always welcome clients to visit our factory.

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