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blanching Machine
Belt Conveyor Potato Blanching Machine
Belt Conveyor Blanching Machine

Blanching Machine

The blanching machine is the ideal blanching equipment that is often required in the color protection process in the processing of fruits and vegetables. There are three types of split-belt blanching machines, belt-type superheated steam blanching machines and drum blanching machines.
Mainly used for blanching and blanching of fragile products such as fruits, root vegetables and carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, fruit slices, etc. It is an irreplaceable blanching equipment for quick freezing, dehydration, freeze-drying and other pretreatment processing.


Key Specification

1. Scope of application:
Washing, soaking, blanching, sterilizing, disinfecting, cooling, etc. of fresh vegetables, fruits, fruit products, salted vegetables, fungi, seafood, Chinese herbal medicine granular, leaf-like and rhizome products.
2. According to the cleaning of various vegetables and fruits, different types of cleaning and blanching machine products can be selected.
3. Suitable for assembly line processing, transportation and lifting can be equipped with front and back process processing equipment. This set of equipment is used in conjunction with a blanching machine and a cooler, and it runs and operates at the same time during work.
4. The blanching machine is a steam-heated blanching machine. which can automatically adjust to keep the temperature within the applicable range.
5. The box is full of steam input holes and equipped with multiple air-blowing pipes. which not only makes the water temperature uniform, but also the material is dispersed and heated at the same temperature.
6. The conveying adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure that the material is blanched .
7. The structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, the parts of the outer body are closed, and the whole is beautiful.


Model Product Capacity (KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)

Other models can be customized

Belt Conveyor Blanching Machine



The blanching machine integrates blanching and cooling. It is equipped with a unique superheated steam generator and does not require boiler equipment. Pressureless operation, safe and reliable. The machine has the characteristics of rapid deactivation, enzyme inhibition and color protection, and timely dehydration and cooling, which can be completed at one time, so that the fruits and vegetables maintain the original natural color.


Through this machine, the enzyme activity in fruits and vegetables is stopped to maintain the unique fresh color of fruits and vegetables, emit the green odor of vegetables and retain the fragrance, enhance the softness of cells, and facilitate the evaporation of water. It is the process of the next drying and dehydration process. Require a good foundation



blanching machine


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