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Defrosting Machine

The defrost machine is essential equipment for quickly defrosting frozen products in the food processing industry. It is mainly used to defrost meat, poultry, seafood, fruits, eggs, and other products. Various types of frozen dishes, including meat at -18℃, chicken, duck, fish, and others, are defrosted and drained at low temperatures. The materials are placed in a defrosting tank filled with water, where tumbling bubbles help achieve rapid defrosting. A constant temperature tank, which includes a heating and filtering system, is located next to the defrosting tank. Water flows from the constant temperature tank into the defrosting tank. As the frozen products defrost, they are discharged in the direction of the conveyor belt. The water temperature in the defrosting tank gradually decreases, then returns to the constant temperature tank, allowing the water to be recycled and saving energy.


Key Specification

1. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the national food production safety and safety requirements. The Defrosting line integrates defrosting  and cooling. It is pressure-free operation, safe and reliable;

2. A variety of heating methods are available (steam or electric heating);

3. The temperature can be adjusted, and the conveying adopts a variable-frequency speed-regulating motor, and the speed is variable-frequency adjustable. Can be adjusted for different products;

4. The whole machine is designed as an independent inner tank structure, and the outer frame is welded together, which is strong and durable and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

5. In order to ensure the uniform temperature of the thawing tank, a circulating pump is used to forcibly circulate the cold water in the tank;

6. This machine adopts a frequency converter to adjust the stepping speed of the conveyor belt;

7. Both sides of the chain of the whole machine are equipped with protective devices to prevent the product from being caught by the chain and causing damage to the product;

8 The bottom of the machine is equipped with a ground angle, and the height of the ground angle can be adjusted to keep the equipment stable with the ground;

9. The conveyor chain plate of the thawing line is equipped with an integral chain lifting design.

10. In order to facilitate sanitary cleaning and drainage, the bottom of the equipment adopts the “Ω”-shaped arc bending design to reduce the dead angle of sanitary cleaning.

11. In order to ensure the convenience of sanitary cleaning inside the tank, high-strength square pipes are used for the internal support of the tank to achieve seamless welding and no sanitary dead corners;

12. The equipment contains automatic water replenishment function;


Model Product Capacity(KG/H)Power(KW)VoltageDimension(mm)



Other models can be customized


The defrosting machine is all made of international standard SUS304 stainless steel, and it selects a large air volume fan with large flow and high pressure to meet the needs of different materials.
Customers can choose the lifting method according to their needs, which is divided into cylinder lifting and column lifting to lift the inner frame of the thawing machine to a certain height, which is convenient to clean up the subsequent hygiene and ensure food safety requirements.


It is suitable for large production scale, saves manpower, easy to operate, completely solves the damage loss to the product caused by temperature change in the thawing process, saves cost and improves production efficiency.

Defrosting machine


Defrosting machine


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